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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Making Dreams Come True

We all have dreams.

Tragically, not enough of us make those dreams come true.

The reasons "why" are many: "I don't know how," "it's impossible," "it's to hard," "I don't have enough money," "if only," etc... Do any of these sound familiar?

Over the course of its' four year life, this blog has been about a lot... dreams, goals, life, death, love, and the ongoing journey of living and experiencing life to the best of my ability.

I try to be open and share with you all in hopes that my candor may inspire you in how you choose to live your life.  In no way am I suggesting your life should look exactly like mine, what I am saying is that perhaps you can gain inspiration for your journey as you share in mine.

Recently my journey brought me to a day that I had dreamed of for years.  My first ever Jesse Brisendine live event!

Up to this point I had spoken to numerous audiences and organizations, been a featured presenter at corporate training's, and gifted with the opportunity to educate and inspire students at several High Schools and Universities.  This all was, and continues to be amazing (something I want to keep building on), however I had never hosted my own event.

Something that was uniquely mine in everything from the content, to the music, to the location, and most importantly the jokes (haha) all of it was "Jesse."

This had been a dream because I want to help people, a lot of people, live extraordinary and fulfilling lives.  To be able to help as many as I want to, I need a platform that allows me to interact and work with multiple people at once.  Enter Unlock Your Greatness - a program conceived by the idea to bring people together from all over the world to learn, to grow, to let go, and to move forward.

Last week (I cannot believe it has been a week already) I hosted the first ever Unlock Your Greatness (UYG) live event in Santa Barbara, California.

It was attended by folks from seven different countries and 15 different States.  If I had only one word to describe it, I would say WOW.

WOW... because I was proud of what I created, WOW because of the moments I shared with the participants, WOW because of the breakthroughs people had, WOW because of the feeling I had watching the attendees Unlock a Greatness that had always been inside of them, and was waiting to be let out.

I titled this post "Making Dreams Come True," because dreams can come true, but not because you wish them to, dreams come true because you make them come true.

Any great dream deserves a great amount of work and effort that goes into making that dream a reality. Most dreams will require 100's, maybe even 1000's of hours or more of hard work, commitment, sacrifice, and the proverbial "blood, sweat, and tears," to make them come true.

You know what?  I can happily tell you that it is and will be worth it when you realize your dream.

Unlock Your Greatness was the start of a new beginning for me; the next chapter in my professional career and life purpose.  UYG also was the culmination of 1000's of hours of hard work, study, sacrifice, decision making, life lesson learning, forward step taking, choice making, and life living.  All of it came together for two magical days in Santa Barbara, California. 

Below are some photos from the first event.  I hope to see you at a future Unlock Your Greatness, I am excited to share it with you. :)

Lastly, to all the people who made the journey to attend - thank you.  You all believed in me at the beginning.  I will always be grateful for that.

Carpe Diem,


P.S. What is one dream you have that you are committed to making come true?

Sunday, September 20, 2015

International Sunrise & Sunset Day 2015

When I did the 1 Year 1000 Challenge, hands down my favorite of the over 1000 challenges/experiences I did that year, was an event I called International Sunrise and Sunset Day.

The 1000 Challenge community had grown to several thousand around the world.  I had the idea that it would be really cool if on one day, we all shared the sunrise and sunset together. 

The result was amazing! 100's of people from all over the world participated.  You can see that first video by clicking here.

In late 2013 my best friend was tragically killed. Being that he was a well known public figure, the world talked about him, a lot. 

As his birthday approached in 2014, I wanted to do something that would honor him for the man he was/is and not his job.  I decided to move International Sunrise and Sunset day to his birthday and have it be a celebration day and fundraiser for the his charity Reach Out World Wide.

The day was amazing!  Over $50,000 was raised and more than 3,000 people participated in the event.

This year I recently hosted the event.  Again over 3,000 people participated with 10's of 1000's of dollars being raised for Reach Out World Wide.

As I did in years past, I put a video together to commemorate the day which I have shared below.  I hope that when you watch the video, you take the message to heart and it adds an enormous amount of love and value to your life.

2015 Sunrise Sunset Day video

International Sunrise & Sunset Day is such a special event to me.  Not only does it mean a lot being able to honor my friend, I love the experience of so many people from all over the world coming together to share their sunrise and sunset. 

Even though we live miles a part, we are all neighbors here on Earth.  It was a joy watching the sunrise and sunset with You, neighbor.

Carpe Diem,



Did you participate?  What did you learn from the video?


The Sunrise and Sunset photo albums will be posted to the 1 Year 1000 Challenge page this week.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Random Thoughts

Hi All,

Some Random Thoughts... which I thought I would share with you all and see what your thoughts are on my thoughts?

What do you think?  You up for it?

1 - Bullying amongst kids would not be so prevalent if adult "role models" didn't use bullying tactics to try and get what they want/solve problems.  Ex: politicians focusing on what other candidates did wrong or won't do vs. what they will do to improve things. Mom and Dad yelling at the news hoping it will change what is happening.

2 - Why are books like the "Scarlet Letter"required reading?  Why aren't courses like a course on how to be happy taught in public school?  Is the Scarlet Letter (can you guess which book I did Not enjoy in High School? :)  ) more important to learn about than Happiness?

3 - Leadership is not always a friendship contest.  To lead means you are willing to say and do the tough things for the greater good, even if it means you may be removed from people's Christmas List.

4 - What would happen if we treated money the same way we treat all other pieces of paper?

5 - Part 1: There are 1,440 minutes and 86,400 seconds in every day... how many of them do you remember?

6 - Part 2: With all that time available for us to remember, why do so many chose the few "bad" seconds or minutes to represent the day?  How might the quality of a person's life change if they instead focused on the other 1,400+ minutes that were not all that bad?

I am looking forward to reading what you all come up with.

Carpe Diem,



Tuesday August 25th I will be teaching a course called 6 Weeks to Ultimate Self Love... you can join in by clicking here.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

My 101 Life Time List

Several years ago I made a list of 101 things I wanted to do/see/experience/accomplish in my lifetime.

Recently I read a blog post by Jack Canfield where he shared his list and talked about the importance of creating a similar list.

The reason, Jack said, is because "the brain is a goal seeking organism."

Meaning that we need to feed our brain goals for it to focus on and seek out ways to accomplish.

After reading Jack's blog I was inspired to revisit my list.  When I did, I was pleased to see I had accomplished about 20 from my original list.

I've now created a new list.  This list includes many from my original list and quite a few new ones as well.

The goals are in no particular order.  I just wrote them as they popped up. :)

I hope the sharing of my list inspires you to make a list of your own.

What are some of your goals? 

Are you committed to realizing them?

Carpe Diem,


  1. Positively Impact the lives of 2 Billion people
  2. Travel to every continent (been to four)
  3. Travel to every State in the USA (30 so far)
  4. Become a Master of my Thoughts and Emotions
  5. Travel to at least 100 Countries  (18 so far) 
  6. Speak at TED
  7. Speak to a live audience of over 20,000 people (largest so far about 600)
  8. Sit Ringside at Wrestlemania
  9. Attend Men's World Cup
  10. Attend Women's World Cup
  11. Centre Court at Wimbledon 
  12. 100,000 success stories from clients and various program participants
  13. Meet with two in office President's of the USA and have conversations with them
  14. Meet 5 head's of State from other Countries.
  15. Walk the Great Wall of China
  16. See the Northern Lights
  17. Scuba Dive with Great White Sharks (in a cage)
  18. Scuba Dive Great Barrier Reef
  19. Scuba Dive the Red Sea
  20. Stay in the houses on the water in Maldives
  21. Host Unlock Your Greatness workshops in 50+ Countries
  22. Help people from all over the world achieve 10 million + pounds of weight lost
  23. Fly in a fighter jet
  24. Create charity/scholarship to honor my Dad
  25. Create charity/scholarship to honor Gabe
  26. Climb the Seven Summits
  27. Dive with Whale Sharks
  28. Do the Rocky run and celebration up the Rocky Steps in Philadelphia
  29. Attend Mr. Olympia
  30. Write a bestseller 
  31. Earn $10,000,000 in a year
  32. Retire my Mom and provide for her so she can do things she enjoys
  33. Compete in one bodybuilding/fitness competition 
  34. Bench press 315lbs for 15 reps (made it to 13 one time)
  35. Mud Run
  36. Grow the Sunrise/Sunset around the World day into an annual event honoring Paul that raises a minimum of $250,000 a year for Reach Out World Wide
  37. Grow International Trash Clean up Day to an annual event with over 50,000 people participating
  38. Grow the One Billion Steps in March to an annual event where over One Billion steps are walked in the month.
  39. Keynote speaker at a High School Graduation
  40. Keynote speaker at a college/University graduation
  41. Run for President (if, when the time comes, I would bring value to my country)
  42. Speaking role in two Hollywood movies (one so far)
  43. At least 3 published books (1 so far "Ouch My Heart is Broken")
  44. Grow the 1 Year 1000 Challenge community to over 1million members.
  45. Photo of a Sunrise and Sunset over all four of the Oceans (Pacific, Atlantic, 
  46. Stay at the Absolute Suite in Cesar's Palace
  47. Stay at the Skyline Suite at MGM Grand
  48. Stay at the Hardwood Suite at The Palms
  49. Give over 100 Million to charity in my Lifetime
  50. Create a foundation that pay's for alternate forms of education for teenagers and adults (ex: personal training certification, yoga certs, etc...)
  51. Visit where King Arthur is from
  52. See all the Seven Wonders of the World (3 so far: Christ Statue, Colosseum, Machu Picchu)
  53. See all Seven Wonders of the Natural World (2 so far: Harbor at Rio and Grand Canyon)
  54. Dance the Tango in a Tux (True Lies style)
  55. Run a Half Marathon in 1hr 40 minutes
  56. Hold a plank for 10 minutes
  57. Safari in Africa
  58. Read/Listen to over 10,000 books/audio cd's
  59. NLP Trainer
  60. Do a language immersion course in the native country
  61. Give a speech on leadership to Congress
  62. Flight to Outer Space and Back
  63. Earn over $300 million in my lifetime
  64. Give over $100 million to charity in my lifetime
  65. Pilots License
  66. Compete on celebrity Jeopardy
  67. Play in the main event at the World Series of Poker
  68. Bowl a 300 game and 700 series (current highs 277 and 688)
  69. Walking Lunges for over two miles without stopping (current best is 1.25 miles)
  70. Workout with Arnold Schwarzenegger
  71. Cut the ribbon at a ribbon cutting ceremony
  72. Learn to Surf
  73. Learn a Martial Art
  74. Read Le Morte De Arthur
  75. Attend a Robin Sharma workshop
  76. Take a Cooking Class
  77. Climb the Pyramids in Egypt
  78. Kiss a special someone on top of the Eiffel Tower
  79. Stay in a European Castle
  80. Ring the Opening Bell on Wallstreet
  81. Go White Water Rafting
  82. Go on an African Safari 
  83. Have a conversation with the Dalai Lama 
  84. Drive a car at a speed of over 130 mph
  85. Drive a Ferrari
  86. Have a replica Round Table as a dinner table
  87. Own a home with a secret passage way that leads to a kick ass game room 
  88. Take a Dance Class and learn some rhythm 
  89. Customized Carpe Diem license plate
  90. Founder/Cofounder of at least two nonprofit charity organizations (one so far ROWW)
  91. Create a system that is teachable to millions on how to help humans live thier bast lives
  92. Forgive anyone that may have cuased me pain be it intentional or unintentional
  93. Love and accept myself fully
  94. Form a core group of friends to travel through life with
  95. Own several vacation homes in beach and mountain locations 
  96. Attend a dinner at the White House
  97. Create multiple scholarship programs for future generations
  98. Donor and advocate for animal rights
  99. Take a photography class
  100.  Master my thoughts and emotions
  101. Have my photos featured in a major exhibit
  102. Interviewed by Oprah
  103. Interviewed by Ellen
  104. Interviewed on one of early morning news programs (Today, Good Morning America)

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Perspective is Everything

Recently one of the members of the Zero Limits Mastermind shared this video and I thought it would be of value to you.

Coca Cola advertisement aside it conveys a powerful message of just how much our perspective shapes our reality.

The video opens with the word prejudice and I encourage you to allow yourself to think of other words like: perspective, judgment, assessment, etc.. when you watch this video.

What we see is not always what is

What we believe is what will determine the reality we live in.

If you do not like your present reality, take a good long look at your beliefs.

Change your beliefs and you will change your reality.

What did you think of the video?

What did you learn?

How are you going to apply what you learned?

Carpe Diem,


Sunday, June 28, 2015

30 Days Sugar and Alcohol Free

Every year I challenge myself to abstain from alcohol and processed sugar, the stuff you find in sweets, candies, cookies, etc for 30 days.

I recently completed this challenge.

One quick update before I get to that:

I'll be hosting a 28 Day Fat Blaster challenge beginning in mid July.  I'll be posting more info about it on July 1st to the 1 Year 1000 Challenge page. I will also be sending out an email to let you know.  Make sure you are subscribed to my newsletter so you don't miss out.  Click here to subscribe

30 Days No Sugar No Alcohol

I am a pretty healthy guy, meaning I usually eat fairly clean (not a lot of sugary or fried foods) and I also enjoy treating myself every now and then to a few beers with friends or a sweet goodie ( cookies, doughnuts, cakes, etc...)

I also know that sugar is one of the most addictive substances out there.  Recent research has shown that sugar, on a chemical level, affects the limbic system in the brain (the part of the brain responsible for emotional control) in similar ways as some of the notoriously more addictive drugs out there like heroin.

When you hear words like heroin and sugar in the same sentence you might think: "C'mon Jesse, you are pulling my leg."

Think about this:

According to the CDC 38,329 people in the USA died from drug overdose in 2013.

Compare that to Sugar

Each year in the USA over 610,000 people, (according to the CDC) die from heart disease - Nearly 20 times more than drug overdose!!!

Leading causes: High Blood Pressure, High LDL Cholesterol, Overweight/Obesity, Poor Diet, Excessive Alcohol use, and physical inactivity

I once read a study that reported 96% of heart disease is preventable with healthy eating and exercise... 96%!!!!  That means that every year over 570,000 people die who would not have died had they taken better care of their health.


And what can be found in very likely 99% of unhealthy diets - SUGAR! 

What does sugar do to the body: Can lead to weight gain, cholesterol increases, high blood pressure, physical inactivity, diabetes, headaches, etc...

It is no longer a mystery that sugar is bad for us and the reason so many people continue to over indulge in it is largely due to its addictive properties.  People just want to "feel a little better."

The first few days without sugar and alcohol were fine

Around day 5-8 I would get random headaches. 

Day 8 - 12 were the cravings... I really just wanted a bite or a sip and I would often here "THE voice" trying to rationalize it in my head:

"Just one bite won't kill you,"  "You have done this before, you know you can do it again... you have nothing to prove."

After day 12 it was pretty smooth sailing and by the time I took my first sip of alcohol I had gone almost a full 6 weeks without booze and, as of this writing, still have not had a sugary treat (although I am in Las Vegas and might treat myself here).

Some of the things that helped me be successful were:

  • cleaning out my kitchen and removing any temptations (here's a video I did on nutrition success)
  • I told everyone I talked to about my goal, this gave me massive accountability 
  • I adjusted my schedule to protect myself during the "vulnerable" times (times where I had most cravings/temptation)
  • I made sure to readjust my focus, daily, on why I was doing this
  • I had a clear goal

Over the 30 days these are some of the benefits I noticed from abstaining from sugar and alcohol:

  • More Energy
  • Thinking much clearer
  • More focused
  • Less distracted
  • Stronger in workouts
  • After Day 12, better overall mode
  • Food tasted better
  • Surplus in monthly budget from not spending money on drinks with friends
    • Note: think about the average markup for alcohol in any bar/restaurant
  • Reduced body fat
  • Muscles looked harder and more vascular 
  • More motivated to pursue other hobbies/activities
  • Improved creativity with cooking
When the time finally came where I was ready to have my first sip of alcohol again... I wasn't really even looking forward to it.  I had it, I enjoyed it, and I did so because I still want to continue to enjoy the occasional beers with friends.  I love the good times and silliness that comes with it.

With that being said, I believe life is all about balance, and one thing I have taken away from this most recent 30 day challenge is balance is something that can be re-calibrated at different times in your life. Going forward, I am excited to establish my new balance, and enjoying the experience along the way.

What about you?  Have you ever done a personal challenge for yourself?  What did you learn while doing it?

Carpe Diem,


Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Fathers Day

Whether your Dad is/was the world's greatest Dad or was never in the running for Father of the year, your Dad is still your Dad and what he represents to you and your life going forward is up to you.

My Dad did not do everything right, he made a lot of mistakes, he wasn't good with money, he often thought of himself first, he didn't always want to play basketball or catch with me, and he loved me.

The most profound conversation, and the most open heart to heart one I ever had with my Dad came in 2007 after my girlfriend had broken up with me.

I was so devastated, so sad, so lost, and in so much pain that I was willing to drop all my silly walls I had put up to try and get help from anywhere I could, even my parents.

During one conversation with my Dad, my Dad told me, "Jess, you are the best person I know."

I will always remember that and I often keep it close to my heart when  making decisions in regards to how I want to live my life and what I want to contribute to the lives of others and world at large.

Whether your Dad is/was the world's greatest Dad or he was never in the running for Father of the Year, he likely taught you an important lesson or two about life.

What is one life lesson your Dad taught you?

How do you apply it to your life today?

Carpe Diem,



I recorded this video a couple months ago about my Dad, maybe you can relate with it.