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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tues 4/5 - Tues 4/12... Days 96 - 103

I am not going to lie after writing the last blog, "Why the 1000 Challenge," it took a lot out of me.  I've been told of the cathartic power of writing, and while writing that blog drained me on an emotional level that I did not think possible, there was also a very healing element to it.  It was like coming clean to everyone.  Thank you for all the love and support on that one particular post, it meant, and still means, a lot.

I am in my hotel room here in Brazil.  I finally got caught up enough with work that I was able to reward myself with a good night's sleep.  If the gym was not calling my name this morning, I would have stayed in bed longer, it is so comfy and my eyes were extra happy staying closed this morning. 

Working from the road is tough.  I am beyond fortunate that my work has brought me to a beautiful place like Brazil, but that beauty creates even more of a challenge.  I can easily entertain myself for hours staring at a beautiful view taking pictures.  It is funny how much I am falling in love with photography.  A few years ago you couldn't pay me to take a picture, now you have to pay me to stop.  There are so many beautiful views abound here in Rio De Janiero that I could spend all day everyday walking around, taking pictures and exploring.  However, being here for work the majority of my time is dedicated to clients.  Thus  I have to be really on top of my game and maximize every extra second possible to ensure I can see as much of this beautiful place as possible.

I have talked before about the 1000 Challenge and how much it has gotten me to open my eyes to see more of the world around me.  Learning that discipline has been even more imperative here.  I was showing some friends some of the pictures I have taken so far while being here and they kept saying, "where's that at, where's that at."  They were so impressed with everywhere I had been... wondering how I was finding the time to go out and see so much.  I explained to them it all comes down to the desire to explore the world around you.  I am getting a reputation as the "activities" organizer :)

This learned desire to explore has been such an amazing help amidst all the traveling.  Last week I left my house in Santa Barbara at 430am for the airport.  When I landed in Brazil it was 530 am California time, the next day... 25 hours of traveling later.  In the midst of long days like that there is a limit on the opportunity to explore, unique experiences etc... However, it is possible and I have the 1000 Challenge to thank for it.  While my friends went to sit by the gate in New York's JFK airport I used some of hour remaining layover to seek out the "History of American Airlines logo" display.  Sure, it is not the most exciting thing on my list, but what was exciting about this particular challenge on my list is that it is one of the most challenging ones to complete. 

I have been in a lot of airports the behavior in them is almost fully automatic.  Check in, go through security, go to bathroom, go get food, or go to gate, board plane, fly, exit plane, go to bathroom, exit airport, or go to connecting gate; repeat as necessary.  Airports, more than just about any place I can think of sets us in an "autopilot" mode we are focused solely on the task at hand the world around us is none existent.  I wanted to change that, to have that world exist in the same way I have discovered so much in the rest of the world. 

I found the display, spent a few minutes there, took some pictures and then found my friends who were waiting by the gate.  I explained to them that in researching JFK airport this was the one thing in this terminal that was of noted significance.  What was cool is this then lead into a 20 minute discussion on how amazing it is how far aviation has come over the years.  That then lead to a discussion about some of the coolest memories we have had during travel which then lead to a discussion of the places we wanted to go and why.  Success!  From the 1000 Challenge came a great time with my friends in the airport, in the midst of 25 hours straight of traveling. 

Pretty cool when you stop to think about it... we live in a world where something new, adventure, excitement, opportunity is available around every corner we just have to go look for it.  Sure, my JFK adventure is by far and away not the most exciting of the 1000 Challenge, but is a great illustration at the opportunity that I am finding to make my life better and more rewarding as a result of the 1000 Challenge.  I got the sense of satisfaction of staying on point and doing something new every day, but more than that, I got the great conversation and the good times with my friends that came as a direct result of the 1000 Challenge.  If more laughs, more fun, more adventure and excitement with friends and family isn't worth opening your eyes just a little bit more to the world around you... I don' t know what is???

Ok, I have to run now.  It's time to start the bulk of the work day.  Also up on the agenda for the day... a quick visit to Ipanema Beach!  I am sure there will be 100's of pictures!

Enjoy the pics,

Carpe Diem,



  1. Todo su viaje y las fotos estan asombrosas, lo envidio por que esta logrando mirar la vida de otra manera, está viviéndo, dejó atrás el piloto automático en el que todos sobrevivimos, lo felicito, espero lograrlo al igual que usted, mis bendiciones, cariños y por supuesto cuidese.JULIA____All his trip and the photos are amazing, I envy it for that this managing to look at the life otherwise, it is living, there stopped behind the automatic pilot in whom we we all survive, I congratulate it, wait to achieve it as you, my benedictions, fondness and walk carefully

  2. Bom saber que esta curtindo um pouco do Brasil, espero que tenha a oportunidade de conhecer outros estados tão lindos quanto Rio e postar muitas fotos mostrando um poquinho desse país acolhedor.
    Certa vez perguntei p/ você no twitter quando viria conhecer o Brasil rs mal sabia que seria tão rápido rs...
    E como eu sempre digo suas fotos estão todas muito lindas, o lugar ajuda muito \o
    welcome to brazil !!!

  3. Gorgeous pics! Awesome all the things you've gotten to see!
    I'm very thankful for the opportunity to read about your adventures and watch as you conquer challenges! You are the activities organizer for twitter as well lol!
    So what's on the agenda for tomorrow??
    Hope all your traveling goes smoothly : )