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Monday, August 26, 2013

Fuel Up

Hi all,

Katie has come across a pretty inspiring story and wanted to share it with you all.  Read on and enjoy. :)

Fuel up!
In sticking with my food for fuel theme, I wanted to share this article with you all. Learning what other athletes eat, what music they listen to while working out, and even what athletic gear they prefer is always so interesting to me.
Obviously, all of our bodies are different and will react differently to the same diets, exercises, and motivations, but it's fun to know how extreme athletes keep it up.
The girl featured in this article is the first to attempt RUNNING the entire route of the Tour de France. I can't even imagine biking it. To complete this task in her goal time frame, she has to run at least a marathon everyday! Pretty nuts right? Along the way she stayed with host families, so had to make do with what they were preparing for dinner that night in order to properly fuel her body.
Learn what she eats along the way to sustain herself and what inspires her to keep going, and if she completed her goal here:

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