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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Never Give Up

We have all heard the phrase "never give up," thrown around so much that it almost sound cliche.  

The problem is that people with the best of intentions and ambitions say it, encourage it, like the idea of it, but fail to follow through with it.  This lack of follow through sadly robs many people from the power that resides in this simple phrase, "Never Give Up."

I often think about what all of our lives could be like if we never gave up on our dreams.  

The video below is about 15 minutes long and easily one of the best talks I have heard in recent memory on this very important subject.

The speaker is an expert on "Never Giving Up," and persevering when others long doubted that she could accomplish her dreams. 

Please do yourself a favor and watch the video below.  As you do, listen very carefully to her words.  Notice the obstacles she was up against, notice how hard she had to work, and notice the insight she has to share at the end.

As you watch, ask yourself, "What am I am willing to go after, what am I willing to pursue to see come to fruition?  What can my life become if I adopt and embody the mantra: "Never Give Up."

Carpe Diem,



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