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Sunday, October 2, 2016

The Politics of Personal Power

Hi there!

We are finally, and thankfully, entering the home stretch of what has been an absolute circus (in my opinion) of our Presidential race here in the USA.

As someone who is in the business of empowering others to live more fulfilling lives, I have consistently found myself appalled at some of the statements being made by our presidential candidates as well as the news media that covers them.

It seems (my opinion) that political agendas aside, one thing that nearly all of them agree on, is a messaging that people need them.

There is an exorbitant amount of "fear" being sold to, packaged, and repackaged to the voting populace.  "They" (the candidates running for president and news media) would have you think that the quality of your life will not improve without voting for them or tuning into their news coverage.

What I think is most tragic in all of this is the ongoing marketing to folks that they are powerless to do anything themselves.  It seems politicians are selling people fish vs teaching them how to fish.

I wanted to address this and hopefully offer some words/insights that might be able to help someone who is trying to navigate the treacherous waters of this years political scene. In this spirit I hosted an impromptu Facebook Live discussing the "Politics of Personal Power."

During this talk I address fears, political persuasion, news media coverage, and who you should put your faith in to change your life.

You can watch that video here

I hope you allow yourself to tap into your power when watching the video.

Carpe Diem,


P.S. I know that some of us have very strong opinions about politicians and political affiliations.  Please be respectful of others when commenting.

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