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Sunday, December 11, 2016

I Cried When I Sold my Car

A couple weeks ago I bought a new car and as a part of that process traded in my old car.

The last few years I have had ongoing back problems which has limited a lot of the things I enjoy doing physically. 

For the last year I have been pulling the magnifying glass out and looking at day to day behaviors in an attempt to asses where I can reduce certain movements and the toll they take.

One of the more taxing movements was getting in and out of my car.

Realizing this I began the process, about six months ago, to look for a new car.

I say "began the process," because I was not overly motivated to look.  I still liked my car enough and it still had plenty of miles left in it, but as time went on it became more evident of what I was giving up by not moving forward.

Have you ever felt like that?  Felt like you were giving something up by not moving forward?  Felt like your unwillingness to change was keeping you from something more?

I did my research and when it finally came time to make a decision I began to feel sad at the prospect of saying goodbye to my "Little Car," (a name I have affectionately called it for the last eight years).

When I signed the papers for my new car, I walked outside to look through my "Little Car" to make sure I had got all my possessions and say goodbye.  As I did this I began to cry.  In that moment I was flooded with this deep feeling of gratitude I had for my Little Car.

I looked at it and saw so many memories in the 109,000 miles we had traveled together. 

My Little Car was home to 1000's of laughs and tears. It was the vehicle that took me to so many amazing sunrise's and sunset's.  It always got me safely from point A, B, C - Z and back again.  It was what carried me to my Mom's house, in silence, after learning my Dad had died.  It was where countless heart to heart's happened. My Little Car had so much good news shared within it's interior as well as housed a number of heartbreaks too.

All this and more came rushing back to me as I said goodbye to my Little Car - a Gratitude for it I had never felt before.

When I finally drove away from it, my heart was so filled with love and appreciation for it that I found myself thinking: "I want to feel this level of gratitude all the time."

Gratitude adds a deeper level of meaning in life and when you live your life from a place of gratitude you will find that there just isn't a lot of room for the "other stuff."

I am grateful for all the amazing moments experienced in my Little Car.  I am extra grateful for the final amazing moment we shared together and the valuable life lesson that was contained within it: the importance of living each day from a place of love and gratitude.

Carpe Diem,



  1. It's amazing how even our most common possessions can be uncommon in value. No one knows what true value that car held for you. Most people see it as just a car and machine used to perform everyday function. I feel the same way about something I own. I never want to let it go. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for your comment Tosha - I really enjoyed reading it. I love what you wrote "even our most common possessions can be uncommon in value."

      Very wise words!

  2. Hey made my cry. Two weeks ago I sold my little car. I didn't wanted to but I had to. It took months until "I found the right person". Two weeks ago I finally sold it to a nice family who reside one mile from my house :) Our last night was sad and depressive. I drove my little car on the highway all the way to the airport listening to loud music, just like we both used to. I now pass every day from where this man lives and look on the parking trying to find her. If I see her, I go and stay a while next to her...I know the feeling and it's a painful one. Thanks for a great share!

    1. Thanks for your comment Ane. I love you still stop by and visit your little car :)