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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Challenge Day and Another Ra Ra Speech

I never really got "hump" day as a label for Wednesday.  After a careful survey of some of my closest friends I found out that there was no orgy, no increase in sexual activity, and no extra humping on that day so that kind of eliminated the literal interpretation.

Then we get into the "figure of speech" definition which essentially implies that Wednesday is the hump in the middle of the week that we all have to get over to get to the weekend.  I personally hate this definition.  Why subscribe to something that implies Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are wasted days.  They are obstacles standing in front of YOU and the weekend.

Why can't everyday be equally as important and equally as enjoyable as the next one?

Hence Wednesday becoming Momentum Day.  Now instead of it being a hump to get over it is a day to be great.  A day to achieve and accomplish, and build momentum to help you finish the weekend strong and begin the weekend full of excitement.

To  make Momentum Day even more empowering I have begun calling it challenge day.  Each and every Wednesday I will pose a little mini challenge for the members of the 1 Year 1000 Challenge community to participate in.  It is my hope that these mini challenges will provide a wonderful opportunity to learn, grow, and enhance the quality of all our lives.

Check out these two videos I just recorded.  The 1st one is on Challenge Day and the 2nd one is on the 1 Billion Steps Challenge.  I hope you enjoy.

Carpe Diem,


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