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Saturday, December 15, 2012


 Waaaazzz UUUUUppppp everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed 12-12-12 as much as I did.  I really love doing challenges like that one, they are so simple, yet so profound if you look a little deeper.

Before I get to that a couple quick updates

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On the subject of Christmas, next week I will post the Holiday's around the World Challenge.  It will be the same format as last year.  This was such a fun event.  Check out the photos from last year

Start thinking of your goals for 2013.  I have a cool new accountability idea to achieve those goals that I will be sharing in the next few days.

12-12-12 has come and gone.  And while these days are fun because we can create cool challenge out of them, they really are no different than any other day, are they?

So why do the challenge on 12-12-12, why not do it on 12-15-12 instead, if the days are the same?

12-12-12 and similar days to it, provides a unique opportunity to bring awareness to a very valuable lesson.  We all love cool little things like this when the numbers on the calendar line up, or when we look down at the clock and it is on 2:22.

So what is the point of 12-12-12 Jesse?  What are you babbling on about?

The point, and the real challenge within the challenge, was to take a moment and just be aware what you are doing.  To be mindful of your life and deliberate in your existence.  You see so many of us run through life so fast that we never stop to "smell the roses."  The moment that you took on 12-12-12 was your moment to "stop and smell the roses."  Think about it...

Some of you resolved to make the day special for different reasons.  Some of you took time off work to treat yourself to something special.  That is great and that is smelling the roses.  It is making time for you.  Putting the busy hustle and bustle on hold to just be present, to be aware of who you are and what you are doing.

Some of you were working that day and more specifically at 12:12pm, but even while working, we still have the opportunity to stop, take a breath and be aware of what we are doing at work.

How many of you go to your job and are on auto pilot, going through the motions, with your only awareness of time being when the day is done and you are free to go home?

So to participate in a challenge like the 12-12-12 challenge forces us to stop and again, be present.

That is the reason I love doing these challenges, it gets us all out of the routine of life and makes us, even if for a moment, present and aware of life around us.

Some of you chose to spend the time with friends and family while some of you chose to honor the memory of loved ones lost.  Some of you chose to celebrate birthdays, while others simply took note of the time and in doing so connected with hundreds of people from all around the world who were doing the same thing.

Life goes by so fast.  So often we reach the end of a day, or a week, and we cannot remember one significant thing that happened that week, unless it was something negative, why?  Because we are not making an effort to be present.

Every day can be a 12-12-12 Challenge Day, every day there is an opportunity to be present, to experience more of what the world and life has to offer.  To be present does not cost money, the only thing it requires is just a moment, a moment where you allow yourself a vacation from the routine and permission to just be.

Thank you everyone for participating.

Enjoy the pics,

Carpe Diem,


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