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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Willpower and a Guest Blog

Hi everyone!

Today marks the start of what will hopefully be a new way that I can bring more value to all of your lives.

Today I am featuring our first ever guest blogger.  I hope that with bringing in new people from time to time it will greatly benefit you all.

Enough rambling from me, onto Katie our guest blogger

Hey All! My name is Katie, and starting today I’ll be doing some guest blogging for Jesse. I’m into all things healthy, am a total foodie and exercise fanatic, and stoked for the opportunity to share my thoughts with a like-minded community.

I can definitely relate to all of you who follow Jesse’s fitness and life coaching programs. In the past year I feel I’ve made (and seen!) multiple positive changes in my life. The daily routine was really getting to me, making me restless and distracted. Wake up, eat breakfast, go to work, work out, go home, eat dinner. Repeat, repeat, and REPEAT. Well THAT needed to change, and the beginning of 2013 served as a perfect wake up call/ clean slate for new resolutions. An attitude adjustment and refocused energy were the first orders of business. Like Jesse’s program promotes, I think the best and most lasting changes are made from the inside out. My nutrition and lifestyle were next. I’ve always been a social, active, and athletic person, but I was slowly losing steam. By being more conscious of what I put into my body and how it made me feel, and whose thoughts I let (and didn’t let) into my head, I began to feel happier and more motivated than ever.

I participate in a group boot camp program daily and sometimes twice a day (I’ll be the first to admit my exercise regimen isn’t typical). In this hour I’m surrounded with encouraging, healthy, and positive people. I’m lucky to call them friends now and lucky to have this daily positive reinforcement. It has helped keep my resolutions on track in a BIG way and helped me to create new goals for myself. Support systems, be it a friend, a Facebook group, or a Twitter follower, are ESSENTIAL to making real change. It’s all about accountability and knowing there are people who really care about your wellbeing. Exercise Accountability Group, people. Do it!

Fun side note: Did you know willpower is real? It’s not just an intangible idea we all talk about NOT having. Check out this article I found about willpower and accountability’s effect on making lasting changes in your life.....

Has joining the Exercise Accountability Group affected your progress in creating a healthier and happier lifestyle?




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  4. Hi Katie, welcome to the blog! Your comment about willpower made me chuckle, it's something very similar to what The Lifestylist first said to me when we had our opening sessions. I was under the impression that it was something that the lucky people had and it wasn't achievable by effort. Little did I know!

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