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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Extreme Shoe Trends: Weird, or Worth a try?

Let’s veer away from mental and emotional health for a minute...

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Ok, back to those Extreme Shoe Trends...

Exercise has become a pop culture trend and is chalk full of sub-trends, if you will. One trend I’m sure many have questions about is athletic footwear. There are some strange looking shoes out there now, some of which claim to change your bio-mechanics, or how your body moves naturally, with constant wear and proper use. If you’ve ever had a running coach, you know there is a “correct” way to walk or run to minimize the risk of strain and injury. Can a shoe really help change this? Here are two of the more “interesting” footwear options on the market today that claim they can:

FiveFinger Shoes – This shoe is for athletes and runners of all levels who are looking for a different “feel” while running. FiveFinger shoes have the same minimal padding throughout the sole versus a traditional shoe with most of the cushioning on the heel, and pockets for each toe to best mimic the sensation of being barefoot. Vibram (Vibram FiveFingers Trek Hiking Shoe ), the manufacturer, claims that wearing this shoe while following a proper training regimen helps force a change in the way your foot strikes the ground. By changing the natural heel to toe foot strike to a forefoot strike (the ball portion of your foot hits first), the harmful impact when your foot hits the ground is lessened, reducing risk of injury and strengthening the lower leg and foot. If you want to get an idea of how these feel, simply take a jog around the block, barefoot!

Hoka Shoes – This is a brand new shoe, and pretty much the polar opposite style of FiveFinger. Hokas are also for athletes and runners of all levels, but for those wanting a super cushioned, bouncing, and weightless sensation under their feet. The soles are shaped like rockers, with the thickest point under the mid-foot to promote a mid to forefront foot strike. Hoka shoes were designed by two avid trail runners looking for a solution to the uneven surfaces, strain of uphill to downhill running, and foot fatigue after long distances on trails. To give you an idea, the soles of Hokas are 1.5 inches thick and use foam that is even softer than traditional running shoe cushioning. The sole width (side to side) is also enlarged to provide more stability. Sounds like a lot of shoe, right? Hoka shoes also claim to be at least 15% lighter than the average running shoe.

What do you think of the Extreme Shoe Trends?  Which shoe is your favorite?  Please share your thoughts below.

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  1. I love weird shoes :) I think it depends from person, I always feel comfortable in high heels.