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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Action, Action, ACTION

Taking action is the key to success!

There I said it!  Lesson over; I have taught you all you need to know!

In case you do want to know more, read on:

First, a few updates.

We had an awesome Ustream chat this morning.  If you missed it, watch the replay here:

As I mentioned on today's chat I am doing a lot of  "re-organizing" to do my best to deliver on my 10x value pledge I made to you all.  Part of that "re-organizing" is going to be presenting exclusive offers that will be available only to members of my newsletter.  Do not miss out, get all the info here: Newsletter Sign Up 

On that note, I will be holding my first seminar on the first weekend in March.  Space will be extremely limited so keep your eyes and ears open for when the opportunity to sign up becomes available.

The topic will be on Relationships.  How to attract and create the relationship of you dreams, and how to reconnect and reignite the passion in your current relationship.

Lastly, Spring is just a few months away.  To help you get in shape not just for spring, but for the rest of you life, I am putting together a contest for you all.  I will buy the winner of this contest a pair of designer jeans, of their choosing, valued at up to $300!!!  Yes, I am that dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals :)

As you all know, I have been testing and refining a new exercise/nutrition method that is getting my personal training clients AMAZING results!  I have been working hard at making the program full proof.  I am proud to say, I got it down and am ready to share it with you.  I am going to unveil this program as part of the Designer Jeans contest.  Keep your eyes open.  Members of my newsletter will have the first opportunity to sign up for this awesome contest.  One more time, here is the link to sign up for my newsletter:  Newsletter

Ok, so the secret to success, success in anything in your life from financial to relationships is taking action.

You can read all the books, You can watch all the videos, You can listen to all the motivational speeches, You can study every "guru's" teachings, but none of it will help you create the life you want to live, unless you put the knowledge you learn into action!

Taking action is absolutely essential to achieving whatever it is you want in life. 

Action, Action, Action!!  

Ask yourself, what is one thing you can do right now, what is one action you can take that will put you a step closer towards achieving one of your goals?

Now whatever it is, get to work on doing it.  You and Your life are worth it.

Carpe Diem,


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