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Thursday, March 20, 2014


This one is going to be short and sweet as I really want to hear all of your opinions, thoughts, ideas, etc…

As a leader, I always want to improve, to grow, to make myself better in any way I can, so that I can better lead and inspire.

I think some of the most valuable traits any human can ever learn are traits that demonstrate leadership.  A person who carries with him/her the ability to lead another person or a group of people, carries with them the ability to inspire others and change the world.

Often I find myself wondering, "if leadership is such an asset, why is it that more people are not mindful of learning and practicing it?"

Why is that?

I believe, more than anything it is a lack of clarity as to what exactly leadership is.  Leadership is something that will bring value to all of our lives if we incorporate basic principals of it into our lives.

If we all were to become more mindful of the practice of leadership, how would that change our day to day lives?

Would people who feel powerless become powerful?  Would people who feel hopeless become hopeful?  Would the voiceless suddenly gain a voice?

Leadership is not something that is only for political figures, CEO's, or coaches, it is something that can be practiced by teachers, students, doctors, friends, family members, mothers, and children.

Incorporating basic principals of leadership into any dynamic in life will only strengthen it.

With the above in mind, I am curious, what do you think of, when you think of leadership?  What principals and practices are essential to becoming a better leader?  Which ones do you use in your daily life?

Please leave your comments and share your insights below, as this is a topic that we can all benefit from learning more about.

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  1. "It is better to lead from behind and put others in front, especially when you celebrate victory when nice things occur...You take the front line when there is danger...Then people will appreciate your leadership"
    - Nelson Mandela

  2. See my facebook comment on this...I loved this blog Jesse! It was thought provoking and truly inspiring! Cheers~

  3. Leadership is about working for the betterment of the whole vs only yourself. It's about holding yourself and others accountable. Never being afraid to admit defeat, mistakes or weaknesses. Always working to be your best self so in turn you may help others achieve this as well.

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  5. Super thoughts. Leadership has always meant to me about leading myself first in the right direction. If I can't lead myself positively, how can I lead my co-workers, children and friends (if they ask it). Confidence in my choices and conviction in my values AND making choices by retiring the "expired stuff". ;)

  6. Things happen for a reason. Sometimes the things that happen to us may not have actually been for us. It may have happened so we can lead other people away from the struggle of the same situation we were dealt. I think we all have areas in our life that we can be strong about. And the things we can't someone else has already been strong for you and can lead you threw it. I think that's how we are all leaders. We all have strong points because of what we have been threw. I think leadership just sorta happens organically. The only thing you can really do to become a better leader is live more life, meet more people, see new places etc. So you can be more relatable. A strong leader needs to practice what they preach. If they haven't experienced it themselves I am not likely to absorb anything they say because the whole time I am thinking this is b.s. this person is a fake. I don't think you can truly lead and make a impact in the lives of others unless you have some kind of kindred spirit connection with them. It really comes down to the life and the light behind the person. That's what draws people in.

    1. I truly loved your post Nicole! Thanks for being so honest and heart-felt in your description of how you see a leader! I would agree with you whole-heartedly on the whole kindred spirit connection and the light behind the person that will draw the people in...great explanation and thank you for sharing!!!

  7. Have leadership demand listening, use diplomacy, especially by example. You must be enthusiastic, positive and energetic. In my opinion, these are the qualities of a good leader. You can be a leader without our knowledge and others follow us without one noticing. We can be a leader in many areas of our life and have known to be guided by a good leader helps us to better ourselves forward in life.

  8. Leadership is not about the leader; it is about those being led. A good leader serves, motivating others to serve alongside him or her. A good leader is humble and listens, motivating others to listen humbly to what he or she has to say. A good leader empathizes, motivating others to care. A good leader respects others, causing others to respect him or her. A good leader surrounds himself or herself with good people, so he or she can remain accountable. This allows him or her to hold others accountable. Finally, a good leader has vision, hope, and enthusiasm that empowers other to do and be their best for whatever cause he or she is leading.

  9. Leaders learn early on that the best way to gain support and trust from their employees is to explain all things in their entirety. Once people understand why something is important or necessary, they generally rally to the call of that which needs to be done or addressed.

    Leadership coach

  10. I think some people are natural leaders. People are drawn to them, look to them for direction and even approval. A good leader, however, is one who leads by example, respect, and a want to better themselves by helping others to better themselves.