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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

What Makes You Happy?

"I wish I was happier...," "If only I was happier, then____ (fill in the blank)"

Do either of the above sound familiar?  Have you ever heard friends, family, co-workers, or yourself say either of these phrases or something similar?

I know I sure have!

Happiness is something we all want yet it seems to be so elusive for so many.

The ironic part of happiness is that it is available anywhere, at anytime, and is unlimited in the amount of it you can have.

How is that so?

Well, put simply, happiness isn't a thing, it is a state of mind.  Things can stimulate our brain to produce "happy chemical's,"  things like images of puppies playing, little kids trying to walk, old people in love; are some universal images that conjure up the happy thoughts inside of us all.

We have the ability to be happy all the time.  We really do!  We just have to make it a point to train our mind to focus on and look for thoughts, things, ideas that make us feel happy vs. the opposite.

What makes you happy?

In the video below I discuss happiness and how to create it.

I hope it helps you bring more happiness into your life.

Carpe Diem,

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