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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Action Creates Change

January 20 and 21st 2017 marked two significant days in the history of the United States and greater world at large.

On January 20th a new President was sworn into office (this is not a political blog).

On January 21st millions of people from all over the world came together to march, peacefully, "to stand together for human rights and to protect, defend and advance human rights, even in the face of adversity."

The human spirit is powerful and when we find something to channel our passions into there is virtually nothing that can't be accomplished.


Passion alone will not produce results, action does.

Here's what I mean.

Think about our experiences with New Years Resolutions.  Every year people begin the year pledging to do "X,Y,Z' this year.  But after life happens the excuses start to surface and once they do we suddenly put our "X,Y,Z" on the back burner justifying that "life got in the way." (Side note - head over to my "Your Life Toolbox" program to get help accomplish your New Year's Goals)

For change to happen, to evolve, and to continually change consistent action must always be taken.

Think about what Dr. King was able to accomplish in the Civil Rights movement or Mahatma Gandhi in the India Independence movement.  Neither made just one speech, both created change because of persistent and consistent action being taken. Furthermore, and most importantly, they inspired others to adopt the same mentality: take action, take action, take action.

The "Women March on Washington" is amazing.  Nothing like it has ever happened in history.  Millions of people worldwide participated. 

When trying to create a movement, people must keep moving.  Many marchers may be tempted to make the mistake of hanging up their marching shoes now that the big day is done and over.  For some they will be satisfied with "just being there," being a part of history, and having the pictures to prove it.

Real change continues now - the day after when each person has the opportunity to take another step towards what they want. This is where momentum is created.

Whether you participated in the march, or there is something else you are passionate about, if you want to create lasting change, you got to be willing to stay the course - treat it as a marathon and not a sprint.

Sprints are quick - done and over in the blink of an eye with the finish line always in sight. 

A marathon goes on for much longer and the majority of it is run with the finish line no where near in sight for most of the race.

Imagine if today, tomorrow, and every day forward, every person who is passionate about something took action to help bring about the change's they wanted to see.

What actions could these be?

Here are just a few ideas

Volunteer at local organization that shares a similar passion.

Organize meet ups in your community where like minded people can come together and share ideas.

Boycott industries/businesses who do not share the same beliefs as you.

Set up accountability buddies - people who will help hold you accountable in your pursuit of your goals.

Organize educational events for the public.

Utilize your social media feeds to start healthy, positive, and loving conversations. (Hint - arguing over who is right and who is wrong, name calling, and putting others down on social media does little to advance your cause).

Join a Toastmaster group or take a Writing course to improve your communication skills so you can become more effective at delivering your message.

Become an "open minded listener." Learn how to listen.  If you want to understand the psychology of your opposition you need to learn to really listen to them.  The biggest mistake one can make is to tune out the opposition.  Their words (which can only be heard by listening) often contain your keys to winning.

The above short list is just a small tip of the iceberg of what you can do, continue to do, and build on to bring about positive changes for the things you are passionate about.

The potential for change is always there.  Now more than any time in history you have a voice. In hte words of Gandhi, "You must be the change you want to see in the world." 

Nothing will change with inaction.  Everything can change when you take action to create change.

Momentum is created not with the first step, but with the second, third, and fourth.

Take those next steps today - the world needs your passion.

Carpe Diem,


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