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Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 3

Yeaaa, thanks to the three of you who are my first "followers" i know longer feel like I am lonely and rambling to myself in cyber space.  Thank You!

I was stressed going into today wondering what I would do... I needed at least one thing to accomplish and my work schedule was packed.  I did not have my list organized so I could reference easily - "No I thought, I can't be defeated on only day 3!"  When suddenly, fate intervened.  I was explaining my dire situation to a friend when she stopped me and said she had to run to the store.  "Why?" I innocently inquired.  "I need to get tampons," she responded!  No sweeter words had ever passed through my ears.  Buying tampons for a female friend just so happened to be one of the things on my list.  So after much begging and pleading I got her to agree and wait until today and allow me to go and buy her tampons for her!  (THANKS FRIEND)!! 

I am happy to say the list is now much more organized and after some more planning today I will be really ready to start tackling this challenge head on.  Check out what it all looks like so far!

Carpe Diem,



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  2. Lol... And how did it make you feel? Just out of curiosity can you tell us why that made your list?

  3. It was just one of those things that as a guy, you typically never do. Especially if you are a single guy. The list is made up of a mix of challenges, experiences, adventures etc... some of which are meant to take me out of my comfort zone. This is one of the comfort zone ones. I honestly could not stop laughing and now I know I can do it :)

  4. You sound just like my husband! He had to do it once and laughed the whole time. He said the thing is no one really cares --- it's only your actions (laughing the entire time) that makes everyone stare!! Good job keep up the work!