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Thursday, April 17, 2014

What do Successful People Do?

I believe everyone achieves a certain level of success.  The key question is what is the difference between people who become successful at being successful vs those who become successful at being unsuccessful?

You see all of us succeed it is just a matter of if we succeed at the things we want to succeed at (awesome family, superior health, financial freedom, living a life full of happiness and joy, etc...).  Or do we succeed at the things we don't want to succeed at (unhappy family, poor health, financial slavery, living an unhappy and joyless life, etc...)?

No matter what we are going to succeed at something, so what is the big difference between those that achieve a positive success vs those that achieve a negative success?

A friend of mine recently sent me a "Time" magazine article that talks about the Top Eight things that the most successful people do.  I encourage you to read it and ask yourself,  "how can I apply these principals/behaviors to my life?"

You will notice that all the things these successful people do are doable for anyone.  Successful people are just the best about doing these behaviors consistently and repetitiously until they become a part of who they are.

I would love to hear your thoughts on what you think of the article?  If you agree or disagree... is there a habit or a thing you do that helps you succeed?  Please share your thoughts below.

Click here to read the article.

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  1. Dear Jesse, this blog and the attached awesome article with all the links inside together with the 6 Weeks ToYour Greatest You program get me moving further in the right direction. I am first of all after success in putting my own life in order, keeping and improving my health and building relationships, including with myself, so the material you posted will help a great deal. Even though you are situated on the other side of the globe you are probably the best mentor I could ask for! Thank you for all your selfless work in helping the people live better lives and become better as people. A great day to you! Olga

  2. I fully endorse the line of thought Dan on positive achievement of our goals in life. For example, I 'm in a group fitness and see the other members share with us the results of their efforts , encourage them when things go wrong , to see them fall , get up again and again and again, is a huge encouragement everyday. Have a model , someone that we identify , we want to look like, it helps for sure. I think what helps me is to see me as I will be when I reach my goal. I will continue my efforts even after , to be sure never to go back. I learn every day, when I feel that I am less motivated , I just read positive thoughts that my mentor Jesse put on his site every day , I read the stories of others in the group have shared with us and I feel the motivation that comes up . I try to push the limits of my efforts as I can , saying " a little more , you're able ." I'm already so proud of the way done and I do not see the day I stop trying to improve myself , because it is a wonderful enrichment in my life. The 7 rules detailed rules in the article are surely the best to follow to be successful in our lives.

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