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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Las Vegas... A Metaphor for Life

This past weekend I took a trip to Las Vegas.  It was my 11th trip to Sin City, 10th since I have been 21.

When I was younger I loved going to Vegas.  It was the ultimate party, an unlimited supply of indulgences, laughs, and experiences.  I had some amazing times with some really amazing people.

The last few times I have gone, I have not had as much fun, I have found myself feeling, "stuck," and out of place in Vegas.  I could not figure it out, why was I no longer enjoying an experience which I once loved?

This trip I had the revelation I had been looking for.  I realized that I had transitioned to a new phase in my "Vegas" life, one that no longer was fulfilled the same way it was when I was in my early 20's.  

Having this insight was so freeing, so liberating, because it gave me the opportunity to find new fun and new joy in Vegas in ways I did not once think possible.

Vegas used to be the Ultimate Party.  This trip was very relaxing.  Vegas used to be about staying up until the sun came up, this trip I went to bed early and got up to enjoy the sunrise.  Vegas used to be about excessive drinking and partying, this trip was about finding the most over the top food experiences and giddily sharing them with all of you on Instagram, Facebook and now on here.

There are still some familiarities from past Vegas trips.  I still enjoy gambling, but I find myself playing poker, which I love, the occasional penny slot, and the most recent addition BINGO! hahaha

In addition I still love going to a buffet, and still love marveling at the immense bathrooms that are found in Las Vegas hotel rooms (why does one need such a large bathroom?).

One thing that I am most happy that has remained constant with my Vegas experience is that it is still about sharing experiences and making memories with special people.  Having the opportunity to share Vegas fun with good friends is really what makes me look forward to the next time I can go back.

As in life, we move through different stages, things that were once so important to us no longer are, things that we never thought we would enjoy (BINGO) now become one of the highlights of the day. What is important is that we take a moment to take notice that things are changing and rather than fear, or turn away from the change, we embrace and look for the opportunity to find new love, new joy, new passion, new excitement, and new fulfillment in the change.  

We cannot go back, we can only try to hold onto what has passed (and thus miss out on the present,) or we can charge forward into the future with open arms and excitement for what is in store for us.

For the first time in a long time, if not ever, when I left Las Vegas, I left looking forward to and excited for the next visit.  Stay tuned... 

Enjoy the pics,

Carpe Diem,


Massive Bathroom!

Will be included on the next trip! :)

Will definitely be riding this on the next trip. :)

My $8.75 win on the Penny Slots hahaha

Doughnuts, steak, bacon, and biscuits and gravy for breakfast!  Only in Vegas.

BUMBLEBEE... In case you were wondering yes I love Transformers!

Two of my childhood heroes: She-Ra and Optimus Prime.  An honor to be photographed with them :)

Taking down my burger at the Heart Attack Grill... easily one of the coolest dining experiences ever.

Cookie Sundae from Serendipity... We will meet again you delicious little treat you!

24 Layer chocolate cake from a restaurant inside of Planet Hollywood

Calculating my approach

Getting ready for sunset


  1. Love your post and all the pictures. I'm excited to be going to Vegas next month and now I have some fun ideas for where to eat. But I love what you said about life's different stages. I'm going through a stage change and it was just what I needed to hear to get me from mourning the old stage to celebrating and anticipating what's coming with this new one. So thank you.

  2. Thank you, Jesse. Tonight is the eve of my father going into hospital for some major heart surgery We hope he will make it out alright. Definitely a time for me to take the good times from the past and cherish them. A time of change.I look forward~

  3. Wise words! Great photos - that's a side of Vegas I'd love to try! I'm about to enter a new decade and, rather than mourning the passing of time, I'm determined to be thankful I've made it this far and had so many amazing experiences, seen so many incredible things and met so many special people ... but I am equally excited about what this new phase will bring and how I can challenge myself to make changes to improve and enhance life...although funnily enough I still don't feel grown up!!

  4. Thank you for sharing this blog I really enjoyed reading this blog, in your every blog I find some value. Awesome pic Jesse :-)

  5. Love reading your comments and insights, thank you all for sharing. @Sonja will be sending you healing thoughts and strength

  6. Jesse you really need to head to Vegas for the 'Life is Beautiful festival' in October. You will love it! We traveled from the UK for the first one in 2013 and plan to go back this year to do it all over again.

  7. Hi Jesse, great blog and photos but with an inspirational message too! As you say its all about looking at things from a different angle and trying new things.
    I'd love to go to Vegas, it looks amazing and exciting, positive I will get there one day soon :-)
    I adore big bathrooms, they are a bit of luxury. I am also a big fan of transformers films and named my cat Bumble after Bumblebee haha
    I'm not so keen on the ice cream sandwich but the 24 layer chocolate cake looks delicious, I would give it a good go but doubt I could finish it!

  8. In Europe, when you turn 21, you have already had five years of excessive partying since alcohol and admission is given to you at the age of 16. So does that mean we go to a different stage earlier?? :D Haha just kidding
    But really do we make the decision to go to the next stage or are we just getting old and more boring, or do we rather see things more clearly, don't fall for the illusion and know ourselves better? But does that then mean that our past decisions have been bad?

    1. I love your question, "does it mean our past decisions have been bad?"

      Not at all, it just means our past is in the past. I am grateful for the past decisions and experiences because it allows me to appreciate and enjoy new experiences in the present.

  9. Oh Jesse, you are so amazingly correct. The older we get the more we enjoy the simple things in life. I take life one day at a time. That way, I can enjoy the moment without thinking what I'm going to do tomorrow. I wake up to a new day, with new experiences and savor every moment. Tomorrow is another day and I will get there soon enough. I retired in 2006 and it took me a few years to realize I have no schedule, I can do as I please, love, laugh and enjoy my loved ones (animals, too). The only pressure I have is what I put on myself. As you get older your life will become more meaningful. You have your memories, good and bad. But, you've learned from both of these things. Live life to its' fullest, Jesse. My sister always says we can sit in our rocking chairs when we are older and recall the great things we experienced and share much laughter. Love the photos.