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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Love... It IS Everywhere

It seems to be as inevitable as a tummy ache is after someone eats to much sugar - when February rolls around with Valentines Day on the horizon, conversations shift to Love, it's meaning, it's abundance, the lack of it, and much more.

I love helping people and I hate that something like Love, which is available in such abundance, escapes so many.

It breaks my heart to see people go through life lacking Love.  I know it does not have to be this way, and I want to help eliminate this problem from anyone who is willing to let me help.

Recently I hosted a Youtube chat on this very important topic.  The purpose of the chat was threefold:

1- To define what love is, the different types of love, and why it is important to be aware of the different types.

2 - To explain the difference between being in love vs "just" loving someone.

and 3 - To teach you how you can bring an abundance of love into your life.

The event was very powerful and I believe really helped a lot of people form better relationships with Love.  I also believe it equipped the viewers with several effective tools that they could take home and utilize in their relationships with others and themselves.

Because Love is so desired by all, and how to acquire it is often very misunderstood, I wanted to share this video with you all in the hopes that it will assist you and those you care about in your journey's to bring more Love into your lives.

I would love to hear what you think!  Please leave me a comment below.

With Love,

Carpe Diem,



  1. Amazing advice as always Jesse on real life love issues.. A fantastic video. Thank you Tam x

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