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Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Power in Finishing What You Start

If I have been reminded of anything this last week it is just how fragile life is.  None of us are guaranteed a tomorrow, the only thing we have for certain is right now - this very moment!

And this moment you are in is a precious one, one that you should make every effort to treasure.  

With tomorrow not guaranteed it is of utmost importance that you leave nothing to chance that you give it your absolute best today because you may not get the opportunity to later.

On that same note... so often in life we begin on projects, ideas, goals, ambitions, yet we never see them to completion.  Why?  Why do we not finish the things we were so excited about when we started?  Why is it that when things get tough, an obstacle arises, we give up instead of pushing forward?

This time of year is a notorious "give up" time.  It is the time so many say "the heck" with it and justify their decision by saying "well when January rolls around that is when I will really focus on X, Y, and Z."

January is not promised and because of that little fact about life it is imperative that you make it a priority, now, to finish what you start.

In this short video below I talk about how important this is and why not completing something can lead to a lifetime of setbacks and unfulfilled dreams.

Your life is to short and to precious not to live it at your absolute best.  If you find yourself coming up short at the finish line, or unable to push through the barriers that are holding you back, then you and I should talk.  I'll help you get there!

To set up a time to meet with me, click the link here, fill out the shot form, and pick a time that works best for you.  It's that simple.

Looking forward to you finishing what you start.

Carpe Diem,


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