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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Be Present to Live a Fulfilling Life

How is 2013 going so far?  Is it the year you want it to be, or is it starting off a little slower than you had hoped?

More importantly, have you made time for you, made time for what is most important to you?  Have you made time for friends, family, your health, your PASSIONS?!?!

Every day I seem to find more reminders in the world of just how short and how precious life is.  I think we would all be in agreement that it will be hard to find someone who disagrees with this.

Yet everyday I hear stories of "life just passing by," essentially people not taking time to get present with what is most important to them, what matters most.


I want 2013 to be the most successful year for you ever!  When I say successful, I mean more than just career/financial success.  I want you to be successful in living.  I want you to have fulfilling relationships, superior health, control of your time, more Free time; and I want you to be fully present to enjoy it all.

One of the things I have begun doing in 2013 is holding a weekly poker game with a group of guys.  I used to play regularly several years ago and I loved it.  I loved it because it gave me a time to connect with other people and created an opportunity to bond and strengthen relationships.

What is something you could start doing to bond, to connect, to strengthen relationships with friends and family?

I promise you that the more present you are in your interactions with people, the higher quality relationships you will have.

Watch the short video below on the importance of being present. 

If you have already seen it before, watch it again, being present, living a fulfilling life is worth it.

What is something you could do today that will help you become more present in your life?  Please share below.  We will all learn more and live better lives by working together.  :)

Enjoy the pics,

Carpe Diem,



  1. Yes, my one regret (after 43 years of giving more then 100% for 3 different employers) is having worked far too hard!
    But I did so to provide a better life for wife and daughter, so I don't feel regrets about that. ... I feel proud I was able to do so!
    I regret it, because I now will be forced to quit my job, 2,5 years before my pension! ... I will have to try to live with 500 euro's less per month for 2.5 years untill I'm 65! There will be nobody willing to hire an old goat, because I'm too expensive! All they want is cheap students and parttimers.
    My regret is working too hard for the thanks I don't get!
    My regret is knowing it was all for nothing!

    BUT I have my "Lifesavers" in my adorable Facebook friends, who shower me with love daily and put a big smile on my face! :)
    My wrinkles are smile-wrinkles I'm happy to say!!!

    I'm disappointed in one group of people, but extremely fortunate to know so many more big hearted others, including you!

    1. I agree with you sweet Dickie friend! ;-)

      I am grateful to have momentarilly stopped working and have given myself a greater environment to heal physically, mentally, emotionnaly, spiritually...

      I am grateful to all the new opportunities that have shown up since making that decision...all the new amazingly wonderful friends / connections (FB and others) ... the strenthening of bonds with my mom...and more.

      Everything works out for the better when you take the time to do more loving things for yourself....your level of happiness rises...and peopel get happier around you.

      It's all good! :-)