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Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Power of Repetition

Have you ever heard that expression: "do something uncomfortable over and over again until it becomes comfortable?"  If you haven't, now you can say you have.  Hahaha, all joking aside and in all seriousness, while the above looks like another one of "THOSE" fortune cookie quotes we read once and then discard, what it really is, is THE key; the key to building momentum.

You see one of, if not, the most important skill practices we can develop is that of actively repeating something over and over again, until it becomes second nature.

If you play sports, think about the first time you threw a baseball or shot a basketball, I am willing to bet you did not do it with the same ease and skill that you are able to do it today. 

What changed?  You did!  You changed by consistently practicing over and over again.  You changed by throwing 1000's of balls and shooting 1000's of baskets.  You repeated the movements and actions over and over again until they became second nature to you.  

Or what about when you learned to tie your shoes?  Do you remember how hard that was? How impossible it felt trying to make those darn loops.   You stuck with it though, you kept trying and trying, you did not give up when you failed to tie your shoes, you persisted and then all of a sudden, BAM!  You got it!

Now you don't even have to think when you tie your shoes.  It's like your hands do it on autopilot.

This is the power of repetition... the power to make anything you do no matter how foreign or awkward it may feel, become second nature with consistent repetition (practice).

You have a tremendous amount of power inside of you, the power to do virtually anything.  All you need to do to unlock this power is to pick something, stick with it, and repeat, REPEAT, REPEAT!!!

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