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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Happy Birthday Paul Walker & Reach Out World Wide Fundraiser


We are just a couple days away from International Sunrise/Sunset Day aka Happy Birthday Paul aka One Million for ROWW day!

I am really excited for the big event.

As a follow up to last weeks video/blog,  I recorded this video that shares some of my experiences about Reach Out World Wide's first trip to Haiti as well as Paul's commitment to helping people.

To see the photo of Paul I mentioned in the video, click here to go to the Reach Out World Wide Haiti page.

Earlier this year I wrote a blog recounting more about my trip to Haiti.  If you would like to read that blog, please click here.

Friday is the big day.  Remember to post all photos directly to the 1 Year 1000 Challenge Facebook page.

The Goals:  1 Million dollars raised for Reach Out World Wide, A photo of a Sunrise and or Sunset taken on September 12th, from 100 Countries.

This will happen because you all are making it happen by sharing and promoting the event.  I thank you all for all you have done thus far.  We are on the final push... please keep spreading the word.

I look forward to spending Friday with you.

Carpe Diem,


Suggested hashtags: #InternationalSunriseSunsetDay #1Year1000Challenge #HappyBirthdayPW

Suggested hashtags: #HappyBirthdayPW #ROWW #OneMillionForROWW


  1. This is amazing Jesse and I'm honoured to be taking part! Thank you.

  2. Jesse brah i don't have a credit card so i am unable to donate through ur Fundraiser. i am so upset. Please help me with this brah

  3. Hi Vikash, a suggestion made by a few other people was to buy a prepaid credit card and then use that. :)

    Thank you for your support

  4. This is so amazing and such a wonderful idea.!!!
    Thanks for doing this event and for letting us be a part of that!
    Paul must be so proud of you! Thank you Jesse