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Sunday, September 21, 2014

International Sunrise Sunset and Reach Out World Wide Fundraiser Update

Well I have some news...

I still have not come close to downloading all the Sunrise, Sunset, and ROWW donation confirmation pictures yet.  There are 1000's of them.   The process of downloading them all is overwhelming at times.  One minute I will be smiling, the next I will be updating my "places to travel list," and then the next I may be crying and having to step away because wounds that have not fully healed began to hurt.

I will keep this blog brief as I still have a couple hours of downloading I want to try to get in before bed time.

Sunrise/Sunset numbers:  All seven continents, even Antarctica, submitted pictures!!  I don't know if I have ever said "So Fucking Cool!!" out loud as loudly as I did when I saw the Antarctic picture pop up.

I have seen pictures from at least 50 countries, but I am pretty sure there are many more than that.  My goal is to have a final count by the end of the week.

Here in the USA it looks like we got a picture from every State!!  Way to go!! :)


As for the Reach Out World Wide fundraiser:  Paul once told me, "It takes about $50,000 to fund one deployment."  I am proud to say that because of our efforts we have raised almost exactly $50,000 to date.  On the official donor page (see picture below,) because of the donations of nearly 1,300 people we have raised $46,000!!!

I know many of you bought merchandise in lieu of direct donations.  I also know that many of you donated directly through Reach Out World Wide vs using the donor page (I have received many emails explaining this).  So I am willing to bet that our fundraising efforts came in just about $50,000, enough to fund a future Reach Out World Wide deployment!!  How amazing is this!

None of this would have been possible without all of you.  Please, do me a favor and allow yourself to soak this in for a moment: because of You, next time a natural disaster happens and Reach Out World Wide is deployed to help, You have made that possible.  The kids who need medicine are going to get medicine because of You.  The person who is trapped will get rescued because of You.  

This is a prime example of what can be accomplished if like minded people come together to work for a greater good.  If we can accomplish this now, imagine what we can do over the next year?  After all we still have some work to do to reach our goal of One Million.  Keep sharing the link and keep getting people involved.

With all my heart I thank you all for making this happen. 

Being a part of this has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life.  Stay tuned for the Sunrise Sunset album as well as video in the next couple weeks.

You are amazing.

Carpe Diem,




  2. That is amazing! Just goes to show what can happen if you put good will out there! :)

  3. Good people came with good friends. It's wonderful to know that Paul was surrounded by great friends. Thank you, Jesse, and let's keep Paul's legacy alive! ^^

  4. Well done, Team Walker! We work as one!

  5. Awesome!!! :-) this ut a smile on my u Paul!! :-)

  6. THANK YOU JESSE! Thank you for making me feel amazing, excited, grateful.....speechless for being able to feel that love for ROWW, to know we will all work together to do great things, that I could be apart of this!! I can't wait for the sunrise/sunset album too!! Luv U Jesse!! Thanks :0) !!

  7. THANK YOU JESSE! It's crazy what a person can do alone through his life. Paul was such a handsome man, he had the right attitude to life. I admired him for it, and do it today. He will always be a role model for me, and therefore I will help to preserve his legacy. I'm waiting for the sunrise sunset album. My next donation is already scheduled for late November and for my birthday I'm going to order me something from roww merchandise. Greetings from Dresden / Germany

  8. This is so awesome Jesse! I've never been more proud of taking part in something! I even blogger about it myself.

    Thank you for doing this, I know Paul knows what an amazing friend he had in you!!

  9. It was fabulous to be part of this extremely special day. Since 12th September I've made a point of not only standing still to appreciate what's around me but also set my alarm earlier so I can catch as many Sunrises as I can. Thanks Jesse for sharing this in Paul's honour xoxo

  10. Thank you so much Jesse! I know Paul is smiling from ear to ear! Take care.

  11. The power of one right? ♡
    This was a super cool event for all of us with an awesome outcome for the ROWW organization. :)
    Thank you Jesse!

  12. You made all of this possible bless your heart and bless Paul's too. Lots of love<3

  13. What an awesome feat of how one person can make such a ripple effect in his lifetime ! �� You did a beautiful job honoring Paul's memory and keep in his legacy alive Jesse ! So proud to be a part of such an awesome family !!! Can't wait for next time way to go Jesse !!

  14. Thank you for loving life in such a way that you find it in your heart to want to share it with the rest of the world. Your energy keeps so many uplifted and motivated, more important, knowing life is a journey and there are lessons we can only gain from if we choose that path. You have helped my mom and I so much already, excited to one day join one of your challenges. Until then there is always something to gain from your posts. You are awesome AWESOME Mr. Jesse!! Thank you again. Signing out now, here's to hugs and happiness!!
    -Christina Dempsey