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Thursday, May 24, 2012

My 10 Best Calorie Killing Tips

Helllllloooo everyone,

Spring is definitely here in Santa Barbara.  As we head into a holiday weekend popular for BBQ's here in the States I got to thinking about all the food: chips, hamburgers, hotdogs, dips, cookies, etc... that will be consumed this weekend.

I thought to myself, "my gosh we eat a lot!" hahaha, but even more than that I thought, "if the right measures are taken, we can still enjoy our cake and not have it punish us at the waist line."

To help you all enjoy bbq's, parties, friends, family, and food I wanted to share with you all 10 of My Best Calorie Killing Tips that I have been teaching clients for years.

Do your best to incorporate these tips into your life.  If you do you will not only be able to enjoy the good food, but you will enjoy it in a way knowing that you are in control of the decisions you are making.

Happy BBQ-ing. :)

  1. Always eat your veggies first.  Not only will you be ensuring the consumption of something nutritious, you will be less likely to overeat when you move onto the main course.
  2. Drink Lots of Water.  On days that you know run the risk of being high calorie consumption days, drink extra water.  It will help fill you up and the need to pee will keep you from sitting in front of your plate, constantly shoveling food into your face.
  3. Stay away from the chips and dip.  This is where most are the most vulnerable.  They provide nothing but mindless snacking.
  4. If your the host, consolidate into one bowl.  I have been to parties where snack food is found at every corner making it all to easy to eat.  If your the host help your guests out and keep it in one place.  Fighting through the crowd will help curve the temptation and calories.
  5. Have your dressing on the side instead of tossed in with your salad.
  6. When it comes to condiments stick with just your favorite, don't overdo it and have four different spreads.
  7. Chew vs Inhale.  If you take your time to chew your food it is scientifically proven that you will consume much less than the person who can't keep their fork away from their mouth.  Chew each bite 20 times as a starting point.
  8. Make sure you exercise on party day.  Most of us are going to be less likely to put a bunch of junk back into our bodies after we just spent a lot of time, blood, sweat, and tears burning it off.
  9. Remain standing and move often.  Standing is a more dynamic movement than sitting,  Plus if you are constantly moving around and mingling you are burning way more calories than the person slouching in the chair.
  10. Play games, lots of them.  Parties are a great time to act silly and I encourage you to participate in the silliness.  Games bring out the kid inside of us and what do kids do much better than adults??? Expend energy!!!  Let loose and party like a kid, play lots of games and expend lots of energy.
 And of course if you want more info on calorie killing and all things fitness be sure to check out the fitness section of my website: Jesse Brisendine Fitness

Enjoy the party,

Carpe Diem,


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Life Lessons in Boot Camp

I really am going to get back to regular blogging soon - I promise! And I mean it! :)

A few quick announcements:

This Monday, May 14th we will be holding a ustream chat at 730pm PST.  I can't wait to chat with you all then.

It is time to start planning for the 2nd annual International Trash Pick Up Day.  I will be sending the announcement out within the next week.

On Wednesday May 23rd I will be a guest on the Dr. Laura Ciel radio show.  It airs 12-1pm PST and it is an internet radio show so everyone can listen.  I will send the link out as it gets closer.  I will definitely be mentioning Trash Day :)

Ok, now onto the blog...

Without a doubt my absolute favorite thing I get to do in my working world is my Zero Limits Boot Camp Retreats. 

When I say Boot Camp it is not the "Drop and give me 20 you maggot" kind that have been immortalized by Hollywood.  The Zero Limits Boot Camp (yes the one from the shirts) is a Boot Camp on life. 

In the Boot Camp clients spend a half day (approximately 6 hours) or a full day (approximately 12 hours) with me working on their life.  I enjoy this experience so much because I get to have a front row seat for watching a person go from a place of surrender - that life is not going to get any better - to a place of hope and possibility.  A place where anything in life is possible.  The people leave not only with this hope, but with the confidence and a set of tools to build the life they want.

I recently had a client visit me from New York to do an all day retreat.  The client had experienced several extremely challenging events in the last few years leaving them feeling lost and hopeless.

We spent an entire day together, from sunrise to sunset, working, talking, exercising, exploring, laughing, crying, and discovering.  As the day went on and the light returned to my client's eyes and the desire to live life returned into their heart, I was reminded of a few simple, yet important Little Facts About Life that I wanted to share with you all.

Little Fact About Life #1:  Smile - it is a personal choice, one we all have the ability to exercise.  A genuine smile carries an abundance of power.  Wield this power often.

Little Fact About Life #2: "This is it" Is only "It" for the moment.  Very soon the moment will pass and a new one will come that is full of opportunity and possibility.

Little Fact About Life #3: It is not anyone's job or responsibility to fix, save, or rescue you.  Your situation that You are currently in, in Your life is Yours to do with what you want.  The job falls solely on your more than capable shoulders.

Each client who participates in The Zero Limits Boot Camp comes with a different story.  While these stories are all unique to the person who is living them, there is consistently one common theme amongst the stories, that is the people who are living them, want to make a change.

When you have a want and desire to make a change, anything is possible.  My clients story that lead to our working together was that life had been so cruel and so unfair - that a lost job, a failed relationship, and an estranged family, had left life so empty and meaningless that there did not seem like there was a point to continuing on with it.  It was just to hard.

After our day together the story changed from one of loss and despair to one of hope and possibility.  The attitude changed from being a "victim and the world is against me" to one of being empowered and grateful to the lessons the world has provided.

We all have the power to make changes in our lives.  If you do not like the story you are living, YOU have the power to re-write it.  Utilize the 3 Little Facts About Life Above, and remember the most important Little Fact About Life... It is Meant to Be Lived.

Enjoy the pics,

Carpe Diem,