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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Is it a Crime to Die?

 I came across an article (click here to read it) that really moved me and I wanted to share it with you.  The article is about a recently married young woman (29 years old) who had been diagnosed with a terminal illness.  Rather than stay in California where laws would prevent her from choosing to die on her terms and die with dignity, she moved to Oregon where laws allowed her to have that option.

I have been thinking a lot about this as of lately.  My Grandmother has advanced alzheimer's.  It has been over eight years since I had an adult conversation with her.  It has been at least four since I was able to have a conversation with her that I might have with a four year old.

She is at the stage where she is wheel chair bound, in diapers, and drooling.  She barely opens her eyes nor raise her head.  She cannot speak but mumble an occasional word or two. 

My Grandma was the person who used to make you wash your hands before you ate because she was so meticulous about things being clean and sanitary. My Grandma was a proper lady who would be appalled to have a conversation about pooping.

I wonder if my Grandma knew the fate that was in store for her, would she have taken steps to prevent it. If my Grandma had been given an opportunity to die with dignity, would she have taken it?

I would.

 The experience has been heartbreaking for me.  I struggle with seeing her now because the images of today are over taking my memories of her... I do not want to remember her this way so I do my best to try and remember her how she was.

Watching her pain and the sadness it brings to my family I feel completely certain that if I ever faced a similar situation I would take measures to end my life on my own terms.

Would you?

My question to you is this: when facing a terminal illness, one that will induce great suffering and rob you of the essence that is you, is it a crime to choose to end your life vs face that fate?

I am looking forward to reading your thoughts.

Carpe Diem,


Monday, October 6, 2014

A Day I Will Never Forget

International Sunrise and Sunset Day around the world was nothing less than amazing.

I wanted to post a quick blog so that there was a place to view the photo albums as well as the video from the event.

I also wanted to extend a huge thank you to all of you who participated.  This event more than exceeded my expectations.

I feel so blessed to have been able to be a part of something that brought so many of us together from all over the world.  One of the greatest things about technology is the ability it creates to bring people together and make the foreign less foreign.

Seeing all the money that was raised for Reach Out World Wide by our 1000 Challenge Community has really inspired me to look for more opportunities for more good that we all can put out into the world.  We are becoming a community with a very powerful voice. This gives us a lot of leverage in hosting more amazing events in the future.

Imagine what we can do if we had similar numbers for Trash Clean Up Day or if all of us gave up sugar for a month... do you think companies would be willing to start being more transparent if 46,000+ people stopped using one of their products??? Something to certainly think about.

The point of this blog is this: when we come together for a greater good there is no limit on what we can do/achieve/accomplish.

I am so grateful to all of you and extremely excited about future projects that we can all do together.

I have been tossing around some ideas for our next community challenge, but wanted to check with you all first to see if you have any suggestions.

What should our next 1000 Challenge Community Challenge be?

I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

Enjoy the photos and video.

Carpe Diem,


Sunrise/Sunset Photo album Part 1

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