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Sunday, September 20, 2015

International Sunrise & Sunset Day 2015

When I did the 1 Year 1000 Challenge, hands down my favorite of the over 1000 challenges/experiences I did that year, was an event I called International Sunrise and Sunset Day.

The 1000 Challenge community had grown to several thousand around the world.  I had the idea that it would be really cool if on one day, we all shared the sunrise and sunset together. 

The result was amazing! 100's of people from all over the world participated.  You can see that first video by clicking here.

In late 2013 my best friend was tragically killed. Being that he was a well known public figure, the world talked about him, a lot. 

As his birthday approached in 2014, I wanted to do something that would honor him for the man he was/is and not his job.  I decided to move International Sunrise and Sunset day to his birthday and have it be a celebration day and fundraiser for the his charity Reach Out World Wide.

The day was amazing!  Over $50,000 was raised and more than 3,000 people participated in the event.

This year I recently hosted the event.  Again over 3,000 people participated with 10's of 1000's of dollars being raised for Reach Out World Wide.

As I did in years past, I put a video together to commemorate the day which I have shared below.  I hope that when you watch the video, you take the message to heart and it adds an enormous amount of love and value to your life.

2015 Sunrise Sunset Day video

International Sunrise & Sunset Day is such a special event to me.  Not only does it mean a lot being able to honor my friend, I love the experience of so many people from all over the world coming together to share their sunrise and sunset. 

Even though we live miles a part, we are all neighbors here on Earth.  It was a joy watching the sunrise and sunset with You, neighbor.

Carpe Diem,



Did you participate?  What did you learn from the video?


The Sunrise and Sunset photo albums will be posted to the 1 Year 1000 Challenge page this week.