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Sunday, July 26, 2015

My 101 Life Time List

Several years ago I made a list of 101 things I wanted to do/see/experience/accomplish in my lifetime.

Recently I read a blog post by Jack Canfield where he shared his list and talked about the importance of creating a similar list.

The reason, Jack said, is because "the brain is a goal seeking organism."

Meaning that we need to feed our brain goals for it to focus on and seek out ways to accomplish.

After reading Jack's blog I was inspired to revisit my list.  When I did, I was pleased to see I had accomplished about 20 from my original list.

I've now created a new list.  This list includes many from my original list and quite a few new ones as well.

The goals are in no particular order.  I just wrote them as they popped up. :)

I hope the sharing of my list inspires you to make a list of your own.

What are some of your goals? 

Are you committed to realizing them?

Carpe Diem,


  1. Positively Impact the lives of 2 Billion people
  2. Travel to every continent (been to four)
  3. Travel to every State in the USA (30 so far)
  4. Become a Master of my Thoughts and Emotions
  5. Travel to at least 100 Countries  (18 so far) 
  6. Speak at TED
  7. Speak to a live audience of over 20,000 people (largest so far about 600)
  8. Sit Ringside at Wrestlemania
  9. Attend Men's World Cup
  10. Attend Women's World Cup
  11. Centre Court at Wimbledon 
  12. 100,000 success stories from clients and various program participants
  13. Meet with two in office President's of the USA and have conversations with them
  14. Meet 5 head's of State from other Countries.
  15. Walk the Great Wall of China
  16. See the Northern Lights
  17. Scuba Dive with Great White Sharks (in a cage)
  18. Scuba Dive Great Barrier Reef
  19. Scuba Dive the Red Sea
  20. Stay in the houses on the water in Maldives
  21. Host Unlock Your Greatness workshops in 50+ Countries
  22. Help people from all over the world achieve 10 million + pounds of weight lost
  23. Fly in a fighter jet
  24. Create charity/scholarship to honor my Dad
  25. Create charity/scholarship to honor Gabe
  26. Climb the Seven Summits
  27. Dive with Whale Sharks
  28. Do the Rocky run and celebration up the Rocky Steps in Philadelphia
  29. Attend Mr. Olympia
  30. Write a bestseller 
  31. Earn $10,000,000 in a year
  32. Retire my Mom and provide for her so she can do things she enjoys
  33. Compete in one bodybuilding/fitness competition 
  34. Bench press 315lbs for 15 reps (made it to 13 one time)
  35. Mud Run
  36. Grow the Sunrise/Sunset around the World day into an annual event honoring Paul that raises a minimum of $250,000 a year for Reach Out World Wide
  37. Grow International Trash Clean up Day to an annual event with over 50,000 people participating
  38. Grow the One Billion Steps in March to an annual event where over One Billion steps are walked in the month.
  39. Keynote speaker at a High School Graduation
  40. Keynote speaker at a college/University graduation
  41. Run for President (if, when the time comes, I would bring value to my country)
  42. Speaking role in two Hollywood movies (one so far)
  43. At least 3 published books (1 so far "Ouch My Heart is Broken")
  44. Grow the 1 Year 1000 Challenge community to over 1million members.
  45. Photo of a Sunrise and Sunset over all four of the Oceans (Pacific, Atlantic, 
  46. Stay at the Absolute Suite in Cesar's Palace
  47. Stay at the Skyline Suite at MGM Grand
  48. Stay at the Hardwood Suite at The Palms
  49. Give over 100 Million to charity in my Lifetime
  50. Create a foundation that pay's for alternate forms of education for teenagers and adults (ex: personal training certification, yoga certs, etc...)
  51. Visit where King Arthur is from
  52. See all the Seven Wonders of the World (3 so far: Christ Statue, Colosseum, Machu Picchu)
  53. See all Seven Wonders of the Natural World (2 so far: Harbor at Rio and Grand Canyon)
  54. Dance the Tango in a Tux (True Lies style)
  55. Run a Half Marathon in 1hr 40 minutes
  56. Hold a plank for 10 minutes
  57. Safari in Africa
  58. Read/Listen to over 10,000 books/audio cd's
  59. NLP Trainer
  60. Do a language immersion course in the native country
  61. Give a speech on leadership to Congress
  62. Flight to Outer Space and Back
  63. Earn over $300 million in my lifetime
  64. Give over $100 million to charity in my lifetime
  65. Pilots License
  66. Compete on celebrity Jeopardy
  67. Play in the main event at the World Series of Poker
  68. Bowl a 300 game and 700 series (current highs 277 and 688)
  69. Walking Lunges for over two miles without stopping (current best is 1.25 miles)
  70. Workout with Arnold Schwarzenegger
  71. Cut the ribbon at a ribbon cutting ceremony
  72. Learn to Surf
  73. Learn a Martial Art
  74. Read Le Morte De Arthur
  75. Attend a Robin Sharma workshop
  76. Take a Cooking Class
  77. Climb the Pyramids in Egypt
  78. Kiss a special someone on top of the Eiffel Tower
  79. Stay in a European Castle
  80. Ring the Opening Bell on Wallstreet
  81. Go White Water Rafting
  82. Go on an African Safari 
  83. Have a conversation with the Dalai Lama 
  84. Drive a car at a speed of over 130 mph
  85. Drive a Ferrari
  86. Have a replica Round Table as a dinner table
  87. Own a home with a secret passage way that leads to a kick ass game room 
  88. Take a Dance Class and learn some rhythm 
  89. Customized Carpe Diem license plate
  90. Founder/Cofounder of at least two nonprofit charity organizations (one so far ROWW)
  91. Create a system that is teachable to millions on how to help humans live thier bast lives
  92. Forgive anyone that may have cuased me pain be it intentional or unintentional
  93. Love and accept myself fully
  94. Form a core group of friends to travel through life with
  95. Own several vacation homes in beach and mountain locations 
  96. Attend a dinner at the White House
  97. Create multiple scholarship programs for future generations
  98. Donor and advocate for animal rights
  99. Take a photography class
  100.  Master my thoughts and emotions
  101. Have my photos featured in a major exhibit
  102. Interviewed by Oprah
  103. Interviewed by Ellen
  104. Interviewed on one of early morning news programs (Today, Good Morning America)

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Perspective is Everything

Recently one of the members of the Zero Limits Mastermind shared this video and I thought it would be of value to you.

Coca Cola advertisement aside it conveys a powerful message of just how much our perspective shapes our reality.

The video opens with the word prejudice and I encourage you to allow yourself to think of other words like: perspective, judgment, assessment, etc.. when you watch this video.

What we see is not always what is

What we believe is what will determine the reality we live in.

If you do not like your present reality, take a good long look at your beliefs.

Change your beliefs and you will change your reality.

What did you think of the video?

What did you learn?

How are you going to apply what you learned?

Carpe Diem,