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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Random Thoughts

Hi All,

Some Random Thoughts... which I thought I would share with you all and see what your thoughts are on my thoughts?

What do you think?  You up for it?

1 - Bullying amongst kids would not be so prevalent if adult "role models" didn't use bullying tactics to try and get what they want/solve problems.  Ex: politicians focusing on what other candidates did wrong or won't do vs. what they will do to improve things. Mom and Dad yelling at the news hoping it will change what is happening.

2 - Why are books like the "Scarlet Letter"required reading?  Why aren't courses like a course on how to be happy taught in public school?  Is the Scarlet Letter (can you guess which book I did Not enjoy in High School? :)  ) more important to learn about than Happiness?

3 - Leadership is not always a friendship contest.  To lead means you are willing to say and do the tough things for the greater good, even if it means you may be removed from people's Christmas List.

4 - What would happen if we treated money the same way we treat all other pieces of paper?

5 - Part 1: There are 1,440 minutes and 86,400 seconds in every day... how many of them do you remember?

6 - Part 2: With all that time available for us to remember, why do so many chose the few "bad" seconds or minutes to represent the day?  How might the quality of a person's life change if they instead focused on the other 1,400+ minutes that were not all that bad?

I am looking forward to reading what you all come up with.

Carpe Diem,



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