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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Eliminating Your Stinking Thinking


Our mindset matters!

You have likely heard some of the expressions:

"What you think about you bring about."

"Energy flows where attention goes."

"Thoughts become things."

And so on...

All of them are true!

The way we experience our external "reality" begins with our internal mindset.

One of the biggest obstacles we face in mastering our mindset is when we get caught up in the "Stinking Thinking" mentality.

You may know how that goes... negative thought enters in, which triggers another negative thought, then eventually emotions, then finally actions or inactions (I call this the Stinking Thinking Avalanche which I discuss in detail in the training below).

To help you out with this, I hosted a free training on defeating the Stinking Thinking.

You can access the training below (note you can fast forward to about the 7 minute mark as that's when the actual training begins).

I host these free Weekly Wisdom training's typically on Thursdays around 3pm PST on my Facebook page.

You would like to sign up to get email reminders as well as some bonus content related to the Weekly Wisdom training's you can do that by click here.

What was your biggest take away from this training? Please let me know in the comments below.

Carpe Diem,


Saturday, August 19, 2017

Are Your Challenges Here to Help You?

Hi there!

I have always been fascinated by how some people seem to be able to rise above the challenges life hurls at them while others struggle and in some cases may never recover from one of life's challenges.

I recently recorded a very short video (approximately 60 seconds) where I pose one simple thought: that perhaps some of life's challenges are here to help you on your journey.

Please give this a watch and let me know your thoughts.

Carpe Diem,


Saturday, August 12, 2017

How Stress Can Really "F" Things Up

If you are a stress sufferer or know someone who is, I thought you might value this helpful resource.

In one of the recent Weekly Wisdom Training's (a free training I host every week on my Facebook Page) I covered stress, the costs of it, and how it often affects us much more deeply than we may acknowledge.

I wanted to make sure you have  access to it!

Fast forward to about the 7:10 mark as that's where the training gets going.  There are about 10 minutes or so at the end that is all Q&A.

If you have any questions about it just hit reply to this email.

One more thing Jesse, if you want access to the additional training I mentioned you can grab that by clicking here.

Hope this is helpful!
Carpe Diem,


Sunday, August 6, 2017

Why you need to be working with a coach

Hi all,
I thought I would write a short article about the coaching industry and some of the benefits of working with a coach.
I hope this is of value to you and something you can use to help propel your life forward.
The coaching industry has exploded in the last 10 years! The most recent report I read estimates that there are currently over 50,000 people, worldwide, who are earning an income as some sort of coach.

What is perhaps even more amazing is that the revenue generated from the coaching industry is now well over $2 BILLION!
One of the biggest driving forces in this rapidly growing industry has been corporate coaching... essentially where more and more organizations are hiring coaches to help them develop their employees and get them to operate at peak performance which is very good for any companies bottom line. 
Coaching is a key asset to help employees thrive under rapidly changing business environments and always evolving corporate cultures. It does this by providing essential skills, support, and strategies to optimize employee performance independent of external circumstances. 
Coaching is an unique process for each individual who participates in it. The focus is often on gaining a clear understanding of the "coachee's goals', overcome any mental/emotional barriers that may pose a challenge to achieving those goals, and developing forward progressing action steps.
The reason why organizations and individuals are investing in coaching... 86% saw a return on the initial investment they made in coaching. Over 96% of those said they would do the process again if given the opportunity!

The obvious tangible returns on investment are things like increased income earned, increased productivity, and higher retention of employees.  There are also many intangible benefits that come with coaching some of them are: improved relationships, stronger communication strategies, more confidence  in themselves as individuals and as employees. 
Coaching has such a high success rate because a unique bond is formed between the coach and coachee.  Imagine having a person in your life whose sole role is to help you cut through the "BS" get crystal clear on what it is you want to accomplish and focus solely on helping you achieve that while simultaneously being happy and fulfilled in life.

If the coachee ever finds them-self "stuck," (which we all do from time to time) the coach will help them quickly shift out it and engage with new behaviors that propel them forward.
I hope this gives you a little more clarity on the coaching profession.

If this has inspired you to look at yourself and ask, "Would working with a coach be beneficial to me?" then I highly encourage you to look into it.
Otherwise do some research as there are a lot of amazing coaches out there.
If you have any questions at all, please leave them in the comments.

Carpe Diem,