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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Letting Your "It" Go

We all have an "it".
 And no your "IT' is not this one:
although "IT" might feel like that sometimes. 

"It's" are those things, thoughts, feelings, etc... that we hold onto and thus allow to negatively influence our life and the direction it takes.

An it can be a bad relationship, the time you were wronged, the lie a friend once told you, and many many more.

It's come in so many different shapes and sizes that it can be hard to recognize them and even harder to eliminate them.

One of the greatest gifts you can ever give yourself is the gift of freedom.  A freedom that can only come from letting your "it" go.

When we are free to think, feel, and choose how we want to live our lives, then we are truly alive.

Watch this short video below to learn more about letting "it" go.

Carpe Diem,

Do you have an "it," you want to let go of?  Lets you and I set up a time to chat so you can learn how I can help you eliminate the "it" and the hold it has over you.  Click here to begin to let your IT go

Sunday, November 20, 2016

How to Heal From The Heart Break of Loss

Hi there!

Hope this blog finds you enjoying your day and smiling wherever you are in the world.

I believe a smile is one of the most beautiful expressions we humans have been gifted with.  A smile says so much and each day we are gifted with 24 hours of opportunity to share and express our smiles.

Sadly, so many people do not smile, and for many of them the reason why is because they are handicapped in life by the pain of a loss they endured.

Having struggled through several painful losses of my own, I know, first hand, just how life altering and devastating those losses can be.

Over the years I have had the honor of helping over 4,000 people from all over the world live happier and more fulfilling lives.  Without fail, one of the biggest obstacles I would see people up against, the source of so many of them being "stuck" in life, was loss.

Loss is an inevitable part of life and while we cannot technically prevent that from happening, what we can do is prevent so many beautiful people from suffering so unnecessarily from the ongoing pain of loss.

Recently I hosted a talk on "How to Heal From The Heart Break of Loss," I felt it may be of value to you so here it is.

This talk is intended for those of you who have lost, or know someone who has lost and is struggling with their loss and you want to help them.

My hope is that this video helps you heal and move forward in life.

If you connected with it and would like to take the next step by taking "Healing From Loss," you can sign up here.

It would be my honor to help you Heal From Your Loss.

Carpe Diem,


Saturday, November 12, 2016

Post Presidential Election Tips for Making the Next Four Years of Your Life Your Best Four Years

Hey there,

You may or may not be aware of this (and yes that is me typing sarcastically), but there was recently a Presidential election in the United States.

After what seemed like an eternity of a campaign season that often times resembled something more closely to a Las Vegas show than politics, a candidate was finally chosen to be President of USA.

Once the results were announced, they were immediately followed with a flood of emotions, thoughts, ideas, and opinions.

Regardless of the outcome and if your candidate won or lost, I believe there is a tremendous opportunity for You to make these next four years of Your life, Your absolute best four years - independent of whatever happens in Washington D.C.

To help jump start your process, I recently hosted a web chat where I shared some tips and strategies that can implement right away to ensure Your next four years are truly whatever you decide to make of them.

You can watch that video here:

Carpe Diem,


Saturday, November 5, 2016

It is Time To Get Rid of Your Expired Stuff

Honesty Time!! 

Have you ever let food go bad?  Have you ever forgotten about a piece of fruit, only to be reminded about it a week later because the smell of it become overwhelming?
When food expires it stinks and is no longer edible.  When the trash can gets to full it smells and it is no longer usable, thus it needs to be emptied.
The same is true for our life.  "Stuff" goes in and out of our lives.  If we hold onto the expired "stuff," we limit ourselves and our ability to move forward and enjoy life to the fullest.  

Much in the same way that if we only ate expired, rotten food, we not only would miss out on enjoying the taste of fresh food, but we probably would not last that long on that kind of diet.

In this short video below, I explain why it is so crucial that you get rid of the expired "stuff" in your life


Is there "expired stuff" you need help eliminating from your life?  How much longer are you going to keep it around for?  If you are ready to get rid of it now, once in for all, then click this link to set up a time for us to chat so I can help you.